Training Testimonials

As well as the written testimonials below, you will find video testimonials on here:


I finished the course feeling confident in my ability to create and perform a funeral service.  It was a course that delivered all and more than I expected, I haven’t enjoyed anything so much.  It confirmed that I made the right choice!  Six intense days, sometimes for 13 hours a day.  Robyn held my interest with her delivery, knowledge and anecdotes and at no time did my interest waver.  Julie Freidman (May 2016)


How can I thank you enough for the most enlightening and enjoyable six days? What a way to learn! I don’t think I’ve cried or laughed so much in one week! The empathy, the heart wrenching stories related, the necessity of really listening to our bereaved clients, was so prevalent in our course. To be able to bond and build with each other’s ideas and experiences was fabulous! Thank you Robyn, you really have a gift for imparting and sharing your knowledge with all of us.  Suzie Gordon (2012)


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