Poetry for Funerals

My poetry has been written with someone special in mind… however I am more than happy for you to change or adapt to the person you are having a service for.  Obviously I would be thrilled if you acknowledged me (or use adapted from etc).  More poetry can be bought from my books page, click here !


A Remarkable Man

A remarkable man was xxx xxx, a good bloke through and through

And when you speak his name from now on, it’s hard for it not to make you feel blue

Yet xxx wouldn’t want that you know, he’d want you to all laugh and maybe tell a joke

He wouldn’t even mind if it was about him, ‘cos he was just that kind of bloke

He’d want you to look on the bright side, a fine example he always set

With no airs and graces for anyone, what you saw was hard not to get

Along with his wife and soul mate in xxx, what a fine couple they always did make

He’d want you to look out for her, for now her heart will so longingly ache.

His children he loved beyond limits, his family always came first

Their achievements in life, no matter how small, with so much pride he nearly did burst

He’s gone on a new journey now, where there’s camping and fishing galore

his spirit will remain in your hearts and minds, he’ll not be forgotten for sure

~ ~ ~

One of A Kind

You really were one of kind, like the rarest type of gem

Your family can’t begin to thank you, for the influence you had on them

You taught them how to make a home, to help their children grow.

Teaching by your example, was the greatest way to know

As a grandmother you were loved, you could not have wished for more

Everyone loved that warm smile you had, when you greeted them at the door.

“Come in!” you’d say and immediately the food it did come out

No one could ever leave hungry, of this there was no doubt.

Your body was becoming tired and we know it was for the best

You overcame so many obstacles, you really deserve a rest

Please take with you all our love and give it to those gone before

We will never forget you, our love will last forever more.

~ ~ ~

A Message to my Family

I look down on you the family that I love,

from a heavenly place somewhere up above.
I see your tears, I feel them too,

although you may not be aware, that I am watching you.

You see I’ve never left you, you know I’m in your heart
And while I’m no longer on the earth, we’re never far apart.

So when you feel that breeze, just go past your ear
Know it’s me telling you, that I am still quite near

Although you cannot hear me, I still want you to know
That my love for you has never changed, even though I had to go

Just close your eyes and think of me and I will you give you strength
To make you smile and laugh again, I would go to any length

So I go on my journey now, leaving my love as my legacy

Just look to the sky at night, I’ll be the brightest star you can see

~ ~ ~

The Motorhome’s Last Journey

Before his last trip, he checks once more

Then climbs up those steps and gets in the cabin’s door

It’ll be his home for the next month or two or three

Just the stretched road ahead, for as far as he can see

The engine starts purring, the brakes are well checked too

He has to make it safe and sound to see this trip through

And so he sets off into the sunset, hoping he won’t make cars to slow

He’s reminded of the verse from that bloke they called Banjo

“And the bush has friends to meet him, and their kindly voices greet him

In the murmur of the breezes and the river on its bars,

And he sees the vision splendid of the sunlit plains extended,

And at night the wond’rous glory of the everlasting stars.”

Now xxx’s leaving forever, to that big highway in the sky

The roads are always smooth and no one passes by

That motorhome keeps going, without the need for fuel

No maintenance, no new tyres, he won’t even need a tool

His life is forever changed and he will be missed so

But he’s on that big highway with a long, long way to go

From here to eternity although it sounds so very far

Xxx won’t mind he’s glad he’s got his motorhome and not a bloody car!

~ ~ ~

No Regrets

We are all so different at the end of the day

In the things we remember and things that we say

Bitter and sweet memories is of what life is made

And what you’ve achieved, what’s made the grade

At the close of life, regrets can remain

Yet from these, you’ll find no peace to be gained

There can be regrets for things that were never said

Don’t let them come to mind when you lay in your bed

With grateful hearts you should leave here today

xxx would want you to be calm, at peace as they say

To go on with your lives embrace each day as your last

And smile at the memory on the days that have passed.

~ ~ ~

My Time Is Up

My time is up and no one knows why,

I had so much to live for, I didn’t want to die

To say goodbye to all of you , is something I’d want to do

I can’t do that now but I can leave some thoughts with you

I loved you all in different ways, my wife, my family, my mate

And I know you loved me too, even if I was often late

Great times we had together, good memories you can keep

Just think of me as being in a deep and peaceful sleep

Although you cannot see me, I’ll be watching over you

Hold on to that thought, whenever you’re feeling blue

A caravan, a trip to the bush, with these things remember me

Do for others, what I’d do for you, for life goes on you’ll see

Live your life to the full, because you never know

just when your time might come too

And remember you’ll in my heart always

Just as you were the whole time I knew you