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It’s been over a year in the making, but finally the Rebecca Jane Foundation launched on August 7th, 2018 on what would have been Rebecca Jane’s 40th birthday.  We are a registered charity and rely on the donations of the general public to fund our funerals.

Rebecca Jane was my daughter who was almost 10 months of age when she died suddenly and unexpectedly.  Our parish priest said not to worry about the funeral, he would take care of everything – it was a gift beyond my dreams, we had no plans for a funeral – we didn’t know she would die!

So now RJF will gift the funerals of babies from 20 weeks gestation to approximately one year of age, when the parents are unable to do so or it will cause undue hardship.  If you are interested in helping us, please go to our webpage where you will be able to donate or contact me for details about using direct deposit (preferred) or PayPal.

Keep up with what is happening with us through liking our Facebook page click here or to donate go to the link below for our Go Fund Me.

Rebecca Jane Foundation